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thegouldingsfreshwaterUPDATED: The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) recent report into the Reablement Services provided at The Adelaide, Ryde and The Gouldings, Freshwater has revealed that both were failing to meet most of the standards required and that both had become subject to enforcement action to protect the health, safety and welfare of people using the service.

Whilst there were some specific concerns at both places there appear to be underlying similarities that concern Healthwatch Isle of Wight, an independent consumer group representing the views of the public.

The level of available resources, referral systems and incomplete record keeping seem to be weak and inconsistent and have potential risks to clients.

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In addition, the management structures appeared to be ‘not sufficiently resourced’ as illustrated by a comment that“two Assistant Managers (…) have been covering the service from 6.30am – 10.00pm seven days a week.”. The lack of resources was having an impact in incomplete care planning sometimes linked to the failure of the referrer to provide accurate information initially. The lack of resources was also apparent in the poor levels of staff supervision reported and a staff appraisal system that had effectively broken down.

There were 2 responses from clients which were uniformly positive ‘they are really helpful’ and ‘the carers are fantastic’.

Dominic Crouch, Chairman of Healthwatch Isle of Wight, said in response to the reports:

“Underpinning these specific issues there appears to be a disconnect between the provider, Isle of Wight Council (IWC) and the services provided in terms of resources and expectations of delivery. Clearly more needs to be done to ensure that there is a robust quality monitoring system covering all services provided by the IWC that is based upon achievable standards. Over the last nine months we have built up an effective working relationship, as a critical friend, with both the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and the Clinical Commissioning Group in helping to improve the quality of services they provide and commission. We would very much like to develop a similar relationship with the IWC.”

Healthwatch Isle of Wight has spoken to Martin Elliott, Interim Head of Adult Social Care at the Isle of Wight Council, and Service Manager Kim Ball, who commented that an action plan had been put in place within a week of the enforcement notice being issued, that Reablement was reinspected by the CQC on Monday 9th December and the notice has now been lifted, and that significant recruitment is now taking place for new staff, including Assistant Managers for the services.

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In a statement issued today, the Isle of Wight Council said:

“We are disappointed the reablement service based at The Adelaide and The Gouldings was found to have a number of shortcomings during the CQC inspection.

“Out of the 28 outcomes the CQC assessed, the service was issued with a warning notice for one area, specifically about the way the quality of service was assessed and monitored, which required action by November 15.

“Since September 23, the council has been implementing a detailed action plan to address the CQC’s concerns.

“The issues which led to the warning notice were addressed by the end of October and CQC re-inspected the service on December 9 to check the service now complies.

“The council awaits the findings of that re-inspection and is confident a robust system for assessing and monitoring the quality of the service is now in place.

“Steps are also in place to address the other areas identified for improvement by the CQC, which involves the recruitment of additional staff.

“We were very pleased with the very positive comments made by clients about the service, which local consumer champion group, Healthwatch, has picked up on.

“We are committed to working with Healthwatch to improve care services on the Island and have approached the organisation to see how we can embark on an even more constructive relationship in the future.”

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