Commenting – House Rules

The stories we publish often spark conversation amongst readers, which is enabled through our commenting system. However, there are some basic rules that must be followed to make sure the website remains enjoyable for all users.

Our moderation team do not work 24 hours a day. Comments will be approved/removed at the earliest opportunity.

• The views/opinions expressed in comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo.

• Island Echo reserves the right to remove any comments, without notice, that are deemed to be defamatory or otherwise legally challenging, or unrelated to the article, or contain commercial links, or do not meet the needs of Island Echo as a business which includes unfair criticism.

• Pseudonym names are permitted but a real email address should be provided. Any comments that are deemed to be unattributable to a real individual may be removed.

• Abusive or threatening language to Island Echo and its team will not be tolerated under any circumstance and any comments will be removed.

• Comments that contain unacceptable swear words will be removed

• Users who troll this website and use the comment system for political or cause purposes will be IP banned from the website.

• Commenting will remain open for all stories on the website – including breaking news incidents – but may be restricted where there is a legal or other reason to do so, as determined by the Editor.

• Comments which contain content that is of particular concern to the moderation team may be stored and details passed to the Police

• Island Echo will actively assist the Police with any investigation whereby they have an interest in any comment made on this website

By submitting a comment on the Island Echo website you agree to abide by these house rules.

Last updated August 2022

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