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rookleydangerousbendAn Island County Councillor is this week calling for spending on road safety in the ‘back of Island’.

Cllr Bob Seely, whose Central Wight ward which runs from Brook in the West to Rookley in the centre of the Island, has written to Cllr Jon Gilbey and the Isle of Wight Council to highlight a number of danger spots in the Back of the Island.

In a letter to Cllr Gilbey, Bob Seely sent a list of 19 locations where residents have voiced safety fears, including Rookley where there is a ‘dangerous bend’ to the north of the village (pictured). The list of locations also including Chillerton where there is a lack of flashing warning signs and a need for traffic calming at the southern end of the village.

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Bob has also said that between Chillerton and Billingham there is a ‘dangerous junction’ where accidents are regular – a location where residents clubbed together to put up a mirror. In Brighstone there is a road bridge with no footway for pedestrians.

Cllr Seely said:

“In the village of Billingham there’s no speed limit. There are children living in that village.  There are bus stops.  Occasionally drivers go through the village at speeds well over 60mph.

“These are just some of the safety issues I m asking the Council to look at.

“It is not just about lowering speed, it’s about money being spent on better, clearer signage and thought going into traffic planning”.

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Earlier this summer, the  Council have agreed a £100,000 Community Highway Fund to help support safety projects.

Cllr Seely continued:

“I am delighted that the  Independent Group have backed the idea of the Community Highway Fund – as proposed in budget negotiations earlier this year – and I am grateful for the work that Cllr John Gilbey has done.

“I have nearly 20 locations where there are safety concerns.  Whilst the £100,000 needs to be spread evenly throughout the Island, its important that the needs of rural residents in areas such as mine are listened to”.

The call comes after the Isle of Wight Council last night agreed to introduce more 20mph speed limits across the Island, also giving town and parish councils the ability to vote for speed limit changes.

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