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THE Sandown and Shanklin Independent Lifeboat was tasked by the Solent Coastguard to 3 incedents during the Round the Island race in south westerly gales of force 6.

The first shout To a 45 ft Yacht called Polly’s Kettle at 12.42 pm that snapped its mast 1 mile of Ventnor with 7 people on board, with its rigging, mast and sails in the water. The mast and rigging had to be cut away so the yacht could make its own way back to The Hamble, all on board were well and very lucky they did not get hit by the mast.

Less than an hour later, another shout came in to a Swan 44 at 13.29,  3 miles of Shanklin  with a crew member with a severe head injury that had to be air lifted off to hospital with the Coastguard helicopter.

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The last shout of the day was at 13.50 to another yacht called Galataea 1 mile off Ventnor with and elderly gentlemen with a severe eye injury from a collision with a tackle block. He and his partner were transferred to Ventnor Haven where paramedics and the Ventnor Coastguard were waiting.

It certainly was a busy day for the Independent Lifeboat with over £180.00 of fuel being used. With bad sea conditions there were some very unusual sites with boats nearly being blown over.

Yesterday, at 12.47, Sandown and Shanklin Independent Lifeboat were tasked again by Solent Coastguard to a 23 ft Yacht that had run aground on Bembridge Ledge with 1 person on board. There was no hull damage and his anchor was set out so on the rising tide he could be pulled off.

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