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HALLOWEEN_3CONNORSAs people on the Isle of Wight get ready to celebrate all things spooky this Halloween, Southern Water is warning of a real horror lurking in people’s homes.

Creeping through drains and sewers, the gooey menace clings to pipes, causing blockages which threaten to flood homes with wastewater.

The ghastly greasy mass is formed of congealed cooking oil which has been poured down kitchen sinks. The oil solidifies as it cools, combining with wet wipes to clog up pipes in people’s homes and in the public sewer.

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In the last 18 months there have been more than 250 blockages caused by congealed cooking oil and wet wipes on the Isle of Wight.

Southern Water spokesman Jack O’ Lantern – aka sewer man Simon Judd – said:

“People don’t realise what this ‘orrible oil does to their pipes. I like nothing better than cooking sausages in a greasy pan. But I’m no pain in the drain – when I’m done I always let the oil cool in an old yoghurt pot and then throw it in the bin.”

Customers can help prevent blockages by putting used oil in the bin and by only flushing the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. Everything else should be put in the bin.

The simple message is the focus of Southern Water’s Pain in the Drain campaign. To find out more visit

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