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Lily Allen - fancy dressFrom its inception, Bestival’s all encompassing themes have fuelled the imagination of the thousands of festival-goers who have crossed the Solent to the Isle of Wight to enjoy one of the most creative and forward-looking events in the festival calendar.

Celebrating that unique creativity, from artists and Bestivalites alike, ‘Bestival Presents… The Art of Dressing Up’, is a 364 page visual document of sartorial invention as high art.

Bestival curator, Rob da Bank says:

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“I don’t know what it is about the British. Fancy dress and getting dressed up in eccentric, ridiculous and just plain stylish regalia seem to go hand in hand with our seldom-seen show-off nature … And nowhere is that more evident than at our beloved Bestival.From the medieval fool to morris dancers and pantomime – the Great British people love any excuse to don some crazy outfits and let their hair down. Maybe we’re shy, retiring creatures in our everyday guise and we need to become someone else to truly kick our heels up?

“For the last decade Bestival has embraced fancy dress like no other festival and has also pioneered the theming of festivals. From pirates to outer space, wildlife to fantasy and cowboys & indians (and the ill fated underwater theme that made the heavens open and nearly resulted in us cancelling the show!), it’s been a multi coloured psychedelic trip as tens of thousands of revellers parade through the festival.

“This book is all about that celebration of dressing up and fancy dress taken to the extreme. Get your outfit on!”

bestivalartofdressingupMore than a mere coffee table book, The Art of Dressing Up  features forewords from long-time Bestival comrade Lily Allen, esteemed journalist Miranda Sawyer and Bestival curator Rob da Bank. With selected high-end on-site studio portraits by Kent Matthews and Dan Smith shot during Bestival 2009’s outer space & 2010’s fantasy themes, alongside atmospheric images of the event itself taken by Jamie Baker, it’s an exciting and engrossing glimpse into the psyche of a style-driven phenomenon.

Pop star Lily Allen added:

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 “We’re show offs really – that’s why we like dressing up in the UK. At Bestival, I’m always astonished by how much luggage people bring with them, especially the girls – dresses and glitter and make-up. It’s insane that’s it supposed to be going back to basics, staying in a tent and living more simply, but you’re bringing all this stuff with you! Its so different everywhere else – it would never happen in America and in Japan everyone just wears the same uniform – kagoules and ashtrays hanging round their necks.

“The second time I played at Bestival was the year of the space theme and I planned my outfit months in advance. I was in the gym non stop so I could squeeze into my silver Barbarella outfit and the whole weekend was just amazing.”

An eye-opening record of striking design and originality at one of the UK’s best loved festivals, Bestival Presents… The Art of Dressing Up will be launched with an exclusive, must-see exhibition at Selfridges and will be available through, Selfridges & selected Urban Outfitters from Monday 16th September, priced £15.99.

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