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Bestival 2012 letters colourFor the second year in a row, RockCorps have offered a limited 50 people the chance to earn their ticket to this year’s Bestival, to be held next week between 5th-8th September. 

In true amazement, all 50 available positions were filled within just 2 minutes of this evening’s announcement.

PrintLast year, volunteers transformed the Isobel Centre in Newport, gardening, painting and give a new lease of life to a really important part of the community. For 2013, RockCorps have partnered with the Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

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Stephen Greene, co-founder and CEO of RockCorps said this evening:

“WOW! We have been totally overwhelmed by the response to take part in RockCorps’ Barter For Bestival 2013 – all of the 50 available spaces were taken up within 2 minutes of opening the offer!

The power of volunteering plus Bestival plus RockCorps and Isle of Wight is stronger than ever.

Thank you so much to the thousands who got in touch – sorry that we couldn’t get you all involved this year.

We can’t wait to meet the lucky winners who get to work with us on the Isle of Wight in September”

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Rob da Bank added:

“It was amazing to visit RockCorps’ Barter for Bestival project last year and see the amazing work that the volunteers did in just four hours.  I can’t wait to see what they get up to this year with the IOW Youth Trust, a charity that is particularly close to my heart.

“It is so important to Josie and I that Bestival gives back to the Isle of Wight community and RockCorps, with its experience producing awesome volunteering projects around the world, are the perfect partners for us.”

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