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GaryIcecreamresizedAn ‘ice cream’ for dogs? It will never catch on – was the feeling of some members of the BBC’s Dragons Den. But Deborah Meaden had other ideas, and so too did Gary Hall who runs a Cowes-based ice-cream shop, which is now stocking the Doggy Ice cream.

“It’s proving to be a useful addition  to our product range,” said Gary at the High Street’s Plaza Ice Cream Parlour. To underline his point, Kristen Lloyd promptly arrived at the shop to introduce one of the three varieties to her ten month old West Highland Terrier, Bertie. He helpfully lost no time further confounding those doubters by eagerly lapping up the contents.

Despite the fact that a carton costs £2.50, Gary is hopeful that there will be enough takers during the coming hot weather.

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When Marie Sawle made her presentation to the Dragons Den last October she explained that while her own dog liked ice cream she realised that milk was bad for his canine digestive system. So she produced an iced treat for dogs, with special emphasis on health and nutrition.

Her creation went on to be named ‘Dog Product of the Year’ at the UK’s largest pet show, and there are now more than 200 stockists who together have sold over 30,000 tubs.

Kristen had walked with young Bertie to the ice cream shop from Cowes Combined Clubs’ offices on The Parade, where she works for MSJ Events. As Bertie often accompanies her to the office it’s quite likely there will be further ‘walkies’ up the town for those oh-so-cool occasional treats.

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