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THE Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, has welcomed the announcement this afternoon that the 3p per litre petrol price increase planned for August will not now go ahead and that fuel duty will be frozen for the rest of the year.

The measure has been paid for as a result of departmental savings across Whitehall.

Mr Turner spoke in a debate on 23rd May in which a number of MPs highlighted the impact that the planned price increase would have on their constituents. Mr Turner was recently thanked by the independent campaign team at for being a ‘hard working MP’ and ensuring that the Government were made aware of the effects that higher fuel prices would have, saying he was ‘one of a handful of MPs who attended and asked for urgent action’. Last week the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP promised to ‘look at’ the issue.

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Speaking just after the announcement this afternoon Mr Turner said “This is particularly good news for rural areas like the Island – the 3p a litre increase would have a much more significant impact here than in urban areas.

“Many Islanders have been in touch with me outlining their concerns – so I am glad the Chancellor has listened to all the arguments put forward and found the £500m needed to cancel the price rise. The price of fuel in August will now be 10p a litre cheaper than it would have been under the plans inherited from the previous Government.

“The Chancellor has some very difficult decisions to take about what spending to prioritise, but he understands times are hard, and has chosen to give a helping hand to hard-pressed families and businesses.”

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