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bembridgefortwalk2014_018400PICTURE GALLERY: Despite a week of stormy weather, conditions settled down for the annual Bembridge Fort Walk last night (Tuesday), which saw over 1500 people take part in the 2-mile trek to St Helens Fort and back again.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people each and every August take advantage of the extremely low tide to be able to reach and walk around the nearest Palmerston Fort in The Solent, built in the late 1800′s. This year saw a visible increase in the amount of people walking, an estimated increase of some 500 people with a notably larger proportion starting the challenge from The Duver, St Helens.

bembridgefortwalk2014_005The gorgeous weather, albeit a little windy, meant for an enjoyable evening for all with the event passing without any incidents, despite the tide not being as low as expected. Some walkers carried out BBQs to enjoy a bite to eat whilst sat at sea.

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The first walkers waded through thigh-high water to touch the fort at around 17:45.

bembridgefortwalk2014_006Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team were on standby alongside Bembridge RNLI’s inshore lifeboat.

Those considering walking tonight (Wednesday) are advised that a later low tide will result in walkers coming back at twilight and the tide will not be at it’s lowest compared to yesterday, increasing the risks involved.

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