Over 60 women from across the Island came together recently to find out more about managing pelvic floor (PF) related problems.

The event, held at the Laidlaw Day Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, was hosted by Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy Team (POGP).  The team were on hand to advise women on non-surgical treatments and options available for problems such as prolapse and incontinence – it was also a great opportunity to show off their new look uniforms.

The open day gave ladies the opportunity to meet the team and find out about PF rehabilitation, diet and lifestyle modifications; these are simple actions which are often very effective in helping to manage these symptoms.

Symptoms related to the pelvic floor are often very distressing and impact on a person’s everyday life. Talking about problems like incontinence may be embarrassing, but it is part of real life and women are learning not to accept PF problems as ‘just part of ageing’. The Isle of Wight NHS Trust POGP team offer friendly, professional, holistic advice and treatment.

A fun free prize draw was supported by a number of pelvic health companies, including Performance Health, Kegal8, Pelvic Relief and Yes.

Serena D’Arcy, from R&J Medical, had samples of pessaries and explained their use in prolapse management, whilst Lavinia Winch, from Yes, highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy pH environment and moisture balance for the PF, offering many free samples to try. Caroline Robertson, from the Falls Prevention Team and Suzanne Taylor from Age UK, were also on hand for advice.

Neil Oliver, from the Trust’s Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service, additionally informed visitors on spinal issues and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. Expert patient, Mary Ignarski, was also on hand; Mary has been inspirational in developing community based events, and was an enthusiastic supporter of the open day.

The dynamic POGP team, who won a Trust award last year has received a wealth of positive feedback from this and previous events and will continue their mission to assist women to help themselves when it comes to managing pelvic floor (PF) related problems.  Look out for their next event and bring a friend!

More information about POGP services and future events can be found by visiting www.iow.nhs.uk  and searching for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy or on Facebook: ‘pelvicfloor.iow’.

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