With spring around the corner, Wightlink is urging anglers using Ryde Pier to keep it tidy and respect the environment for everyone’s benefit.

Isle of Wight fisherman Spencer Wright contacted the ferry company earlier this year as part of his efforts to encourage anglers to respect the environment and take their litter home. He is supporting the Angling Trust’s campaign urging fisherman and women to protect the coastline, Island wildlife and the sport’s reputation by taking 5 minutes to pick up 5 pieces of litter and disposing of them properly.

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners are also on board with his initiative to encourage coastal organisations to display a poster highlighting the issue.

Spencer explains:

“As a keen fisherman myself, I have been horrified at the mess some anglers leave on beaches along the south coast. We are lucky on the Isle of Wight because we can fish from some of the country’s most amazing bays and piers and we should set an example by keeping them looking beautiful.”

Head of Business Operations Sean Millward is happy to back Spencer’s call:

“Wightlink’s Ryde Pier is a great place to catch fish and we always welcome anglers to our specified fishing areas if they are responsible and clear up after themselves.”

Wightlink Operations Director Elwyn Dop adds:

“We are pleased to display Spencer’s poster and highlight the issue. Holidaymakers choose to travel to the Isle of Wight because of its unspoiled beauty. We can all help to keep it looking good.”

Picture caption: Angler Spencer Wright and Wightlink’s Sean Millward on Ryde Pier

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