The Wightlink Warriors’ home match against Cradley Heatens was abandoned last night (Thursday), but not before star Ben Wilson sustained an unwelcome injury.

Light rain that started falling mid-afternoon increased in intensity as start time approached, eventually rendering track conditions too difficult to continue and forcing referee Robinson to call a halt to the meeting after 5 races.

Lady luck was again missing as Warrior Ben Wilson sustained a wrist injury in what some saw as a controversial clash with visiting rider Danny Ayres in heat 1. A long evening looked to be on the cards until the rain gods intervened.

A restaging date later in the season will have to be agreed with the Midlands club.

Wightlink Warriors 12 | Cradley Heathens 17 – Match Abandoned

The Warriors will next be in action away at Swindon on Thursday 25th May in the National Trophy. That will be followed by away league matches at Buxton and Birmingham before returning to the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday 1st June at 19:00 when the Plymouth Devils return for a National Trophy fixture.

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