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A pop-up choir comprising of singers from 20 churches across the Island came together last night (Sunday) to perform ‘Barnabas’.

Barnabas is 1 of more than 20 Christian musicals written by Roger Jones over the past 30 years. Roger is a well known songwriter and has visited the Island several times, sharing the Christian message through his musicals and encouraging local churches to participate.

Since January the pop-up choir have been rehearsing for the performance – which took place at St John’s Church in Newport on Sunday night – under the leadership of choir mistress, June Cox.

Roger was accompanied by 6 soloists and musicians who took the parts of the main characters in the exciting story of Saul and Barnabas’ trip across the island of Cyprus as recorded in Acts 13.

The start of the first missionary journey of St Paul (Saul) saw him progress with Barnabas the encourager and John Mark to the synagogues in Salamis, right through to the conflict with the Sorcerer and the conversion of the Roman Pro-Consul in Paphos.

The soloists on the night were Devon (Saul); Bill (Barnabas); Caroline (Miriam) and Sarah (Rhoda), who also played the violin together with Annie on viola and a local flautist.

Sarah, the daughter of the pastor of Shanklin United Reformed Church, grew up on the Island before moving to the mainland. Sarah was the leader of the Isle of Wight Youth Orchestra.

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