Over 500 homes and businesses are without power in the Sandown, Lake and Brading areas this afternoon (Thursday).

31 known postcode areas have been affected by the outage.

Southern and Scottish Electricity Networks (SSEN) are aware and engineers are investigating the fault.

The fault, which was reported to SSEN at around 13:45, is expected to remain off until approximately 16:00 this afternoon.

SSEN apologies for the loss of supply;

“We apologise for the loss of supply.

“We currently have a fault affecting the areas listed.

“We are working to get the power back on as quickly as we can.

“If you need more information, please call us on 0800 072 7282 and quote reference ‘CZ4267′”

Affected areas are as follows:
PO36 0AH, PO36 0AQ, PO36 9FH, PO36 9HR, PO36 9HT, PO36 9HU, PO36 9HX, PO36 9HY, PO36 9JA, PO36 9JB, PO36 9JL, PO36 9JW, PO36 9LN, PO36 9LP, PO36 9LR, PO36 9LS, PO36 9LT, PO36 9LU, PO36 9LW, PO36 9LX, PO36 9LY, PO36 9LZ, PO36 9NA, PO36 9NB, PO36 9ND, PO36 9NE, PO36 9NF, PO36 9NG, PO36 9NQ, PO36 9PE & PO36 9PF.

UPDATE @15:07 – 15 postcode areas are still without power this afternoon, with the other half having been restored.

UPDATE 16:00 – SSEN are reporting that power has now been restored to all properties affected.

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