Work to begin building the 900-home Pennyfeathers development on the outskirts of Ryde is set to get underway sometime between June and December next year, it has been confirmed.

The planning application for 900 homes, a community centre and new car garage was approved nearly 2 years ago, with initial plans to start the build by September 2016. Almost a year on and groundwork is yet to commence on the site off Brading Road, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel…

The signing of a legal agreement by all landowners in order to move the project forward should have been completed months ago, however it had been delayed whilst awaiting assurances from mortgage companies. With an ultimatum of presenting the legal agreement within 7 days or face the application going back before the Isle of Wight Council’s Planning Committee, the agreement has now been signed, sealed and delivered.

Glen Hepburn, acting on behalf of the development company and landowners, handed the agreement over to the Isle of Wight Council this afternoon (Friday). Final checks are expected to be completed within the next 2 weeks.

As well as new housing, £2.3million looks set to be contributed to the local education budget and £140,000 gifted for improvements at nearby Smallbrook Stadium. In addition, Island building firms will be given priority over mainland contractors for the building of the Pennyfeathers site.

2 properties at Westridge Cross have been acquired and recently fenced off to allow for the expansion of the junction as part of the overall development in the area, which will include the widening of Brading Road and the closure of Smallbrook Lane.

Pennyfeathers’ journey began over a decade ago and it could be another 12-15 years before the site is completed, but there is suggestion that early 2018 could see the beginning of road adjustments and building work.

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