Patients awaiting inpatient surgery at St Mary’s Hospital may be offered the opportunity to have their treatment with a consultant at the NHS Treatment Centre in Southampton.

Whilst St Mary’s hospital has been under significant pressure during recent weeks, it has resulted in the cancellation of elective/planned surgery, but not urgent or emergency operations.

The Isle of Wight NHS trust is now working with Care UK and the NHS treatment Centre in Southampton to identify patients suitable for inpatient treatment on the mainland, and will be contacting them direct, to discuss their procedures and if they wish to transfer their care to the mainland for the operation.

Patients awaiting surgery requiring an inpatient stay may be contacted from Thursday onwards.

Sarah Hayward, Head of Operational Performance at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust said:

“Patient care is a priority, and the Trust is sorry for anyone who is experiencing a delay in receiving their operation.

“Whilst we will be able increase day surgery here at St Mary’s Hospital on the island, a number of elective surgeries, requiring  a stay of one night or more, may be achieved more quickly at the Southampton NHS Treatment Centre, reducing the delay for patients”.

Patients choosing to be treated in Southampton will have travel costs for the ferry and taxi to and from the centre supported by the NHS Treatment Centre.

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