Newport Parish Council has been working on a project to introduce 20mph speed limits in areas of Newport and as part of the overall campaign a survey has been launched to gain evidence regarding the need for a speed reduction.

The Isle of Wight Council has money in the budget to deliver 20mph limits in parts of the Island and the opinions of residents are a vital part of the evidence for this to be considered in Newport.

In October 2016 Newport Parish Council hosted a successful conference on 20mph limits with a number of high profile speakers and this was attended by members of town and parish councillors from across the Island.

A ‘Have Your Say’ event took place in January 2017 where a number of issues were raised by residents including pollution, noise and the safety of children travelling to school. A number of people mentioned heavy vehicles travelling through streets with narrow pavements, which is a particular problem in Carisbrooke. A need for slower speeds was acknowledged, although lack of enforcement of speed limits was highlighted, as well as a requirement for more speed cameras around schools and built up areas.

A street audit of Newport and Carisbrooke will take place in the next few months and all these elements will be collated and presented to the Isle of Wight Council.

Newport residents will have received the survey as part of the Parish newsletter and the survey can be completed online by any resident through the Parish website

Cllr Julie Jones-Evans, who has spearheaded the campaign, said:

‘The campaign is part of a bigger picture for Newport to make it a pleasant place to live and work. It is essential that our town and villages are desirable social spaces as destinations for visitors and a reduction in speed will be a huge step forward.

“The opinion of who people who live, work and visit Newport is vital evidence for the campaign and we would appreciate any resident taking a few minutes of their time to complete the survey”.

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