Cowes-based adventurer Natasha Lambert BEM has successfully become the youngest disabled woman to skipper a yacht from Scotland to Ireland.

Her grand adventure started from South East Scotland on Monday at 10:30. 6 hours later Natasha triumphantly sailed into Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

Natasha, who has artheroid cerebral palsy, is unable to use conventional controls. Instead she steers and controls the sails of her 21ft yacht ‘Miss Isle Too’ by sipping and puffing into a single straw.

Mandy Lambert, Natasha’s mum and chief logistics officer said:

“The North Channel certainly lived up to it’s challenging reputation. Natasha had to deal with very light fluctuating winds coupled with strong tides. But we made it and can’t wait to carry the expedition on South to Dublin”.

No stranger to a challenge Natasha has already sailed across the English Channel, around the Isle of Wight and reached the summit of Cairngorm. This expedition is far from over. Over the next 2 weeks Natasha aims to carry on sailing South to Dublin.

Natasha is raising money for her charity, which helps take people in a similar situation sailing, and the RNLI.

You can follow Natasha’s adventure on her website

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