The Isle of Wight’s first fully electric taxi is now out and about on the roads thanks to Newport-based e-Taxi.

A 2016 Nissan Leaf has been chosen as the eco-friendly vehicle of choice for Matt Malkin, who recently established e-Taxi thanks to his love of cars.

The service operates from Newport but accepts bookings Islandwide, providing they are economically viable.

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Matt, a 25-year-old graduate from Bournemouth University said:

“I decided to go for an electric car over a conventional petrol or diesel powered car as I think there are exciting and a pleasure to drive. The cars are smooth and quiet and there is of course environmental benefits.

“Ethics are important to us at e-Taxi; our business cards were made using recycled material and our branded eco clothing was sourced from Rapanui, to name just a few examples”.

e-Taxi boasts heated seats, a Bose audio system and space-ship like comfort.

To find out more call 01983 777000 or visit

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