Following several years of training, 3 Island fencers have earned their Silver awards from the British Academy of Fencing.

The awards were presented to Henry Summerfield, Amy Huyton and George Collins by the academy’s chairman, Nick Stuart. The Silver awards are gained for technical, competitive and theoretical skills.

Due to larger numbers the West Wight Fencing Club is setting up separate classes for juniors and adults at 10:30 and 11:30 on Saturdays at West Wight Sports & Community Centre. The club has a wealth of equipment and various levels of ability and ages with a focus on technical aspects of fencing to develop to competitive abilities. The next challenge is an adult competition against the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

Fencing is an unusual sport with elements of speed and agility balanced by tactical awareness and planning. One of the reasons why older fencers are so difficult to beat and why veterans fencing in the UK is so popular, and strong internationally. It is also a low cost sport, £7 juniors, £8 adults and less per term. All kit is provided with coaching from  a professional qualified coach.

The club is a member of British Fencing, the national governing for this Olympic sport.

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