Newport is likely to be abuzz with locals, out-of-town shoppers and tourists from Saturday 19th August to Monday 21st August when a colourful International World Food market sets up stall in the town centre in the square around St Thomas Church.

The international event will be advertised and promoted on both the Isle of Wight and the mainland and will comprise top-quality international traders selling artisan-produced foods and craft products from around the world.

Savoir Fayre’s landmark ‘Flavours of the World Market’ normally operates in London and the South East but is making its only visit to the Isle of Wight this year — but with a plan to making it an annual event to look forward to in years to come.

Conrad Murray, spokesman for the market’s organiser said:

“We used to come to the Island on an annual basis and we would like to do so in future. Our traders love the Isle of Wight and its Riviera like holiday atmosphere perfectly suits our market.

“Flavours of the World is a market crafted to stir the senses and appeal to locals and tourists alike. We work hard to create an international atmosphere so people can enjoy exotic flavours and unusual aromas and delight in products they might not otherwise see or buy everyday”.

Mr Murray says the manifest for the Isle of Wight includes stalls selling Italian sweets and biscuits and delicate nougats; unusual cheeses not easily found in the UK which reflect the cultural and culinary traditions of rural France; and a stall which sells cured meats and scrumptious rustic saucisson sourced from every corner of Europe. There are also stalls offering an unrivalled choice of coffee and mustards.

Beyond the stalls that tempt the taste buds, the market has traders who showcase the beauty of international craft traditions. They include bowls and ornaments carved from Moroccan marble; Baltic amber set into handcrafted jewellery; finely woven Italian clothing; and rugs and throws from Morocco and Turkey. One stall sells an astonishing 60 varieties of beauty bars and natural soaps derived from olive and argan oil.

Conrad added:

“We delight in bringing stalls which offer both unusual goods, a wide choice of products and good value to our customers and we have a record of bringing a lot of extra footfall to the towns we visit which pleases local traders in the town. That means everyone is happy and we will normally hope to establish our visit to the Isle of Wight as an annual event”.

Saturday 19th August to Monday 21st August 2017
09:00-17:30. FREE Admission.

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