PHOTO GALLERY: Portsmouth FC’s ability was proven at St George’s Park in Newport last night (Tuesday) when they took a 8-0 victory over hosts Newport IW FC in the first match between the 2 sides in 10 years.

Good spirits filled the ground as over 2,000 home and away supporters came together to support their respective sides during the eagerly awaited pre-season friendly.

Pompey’s Nicke Kabamba was the star of the night bagging the visitors 5 goals. Jamal Lowe put 2 balls in the back of the net and there was a single goal for Mlian Lalkovic. Despite their efforts, Newport failed to score.

Half time entertainment – following 4 goals in the first half – was provided on the pitch by Medina Marching Band. Within just 4 minutes of the second half Pompey scored another 2 goals and even after Newport changed goalkeepers a further 2 goals were netted by the League 1 side.

Speaking about his performance last night, Kabamba has said:

“It’s always nice to get yourself on the scoresheet, so to end up with five goals is a brilliant feeling. I was happy as soon as I got to three, but then I had another two chances and managed to put them away.”.

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