Labour’s Julian Critchley has guaranteed that if elected as the member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight he will vote and work towards keeping a fully comprehensive NHS hospital on the Island, as well as investing more in the National Health Service and Social Care Services.

Speaking on Tuesday, Julian said:

“People on the Island should not have to travel on a boat for an hour, plus waiting time, to receive the treatment they need when we should invest in our local hospital and keep our services local for local people.

“The Conservatives since 2010 have systematically cut funding to our national health and social services, there are huge funding gaps and the vulnerable people of our society are bearing the brunt of this; a Labour Government and I will stand up and protect those people”.

Labour has announced that it will invest in the NHS and ensure social care is properly funded with:

• £6 billion a year in extra funding
• Halting of closures of pharmacies, GP’s, hospitals and A&E’s
• Reverse NHS privatisation
• £8 billion extra in investment in social care over 5 years, creating a National Care Service
• £250 million a year fund to focus on improving the health of children
• Increase student nurse bursaries

Julian continued:

“Healthcare should be based on need and not the ability to pay. We need to stop the privatisation of our healthcare service: Labour will stop this and bring the NHS back into the hands of the public. All citizens of this country deserve decent healthcare that is integrated with a proper social care system guaranteeing everyone equal and first-rate treatment with care for life.

“The Conservative Government since 2010 has failed to give our health and social care services the funding they need to ensure all patients receive the quality care they deserve. The Conservatives have created a £2.6 billion gap in social care funding and in real terms public health funding will fall by at least £600 million in 2020. Why should the public suffer so multinational corporations can receive tax cuts?

“Labour will invest in more doctors and nurses, enabling everyone to get the quality care they need”.


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