Chart-topping hip-hop group Blazin’ Squad have been announced to play at Strings Bar and Venue in Newport.

Original members Ollie, Sam, Melo and Stu will be performing hits like Crossroads, Flip Reverse, We Just Be Dreamin and more at the Isle of Wight’s Biggest Throwback Party on Saturday 16th September.

The band went viral recently after fellow member Marcel appeared on hit television show Love Island, where his catchphrase, “I used to be in the Blazin’ Squad”, became an Internet meme.

Organiser Luke Joynes, of Atmos Music, said:

“Blazin’ Squad were one of the biggest groups back in the mid-noughties so it’s great to have them playing at our first throwback party. We’re expecting this event to be very popular, so it should be a great night out”.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at

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