Isle of Wight Ceramic Artist, Andrew Dowden, is showcasing a collection of unique and distinctive handmade, hand-carved ceramics and complementary textured wall art in oils at the Quarr Abbey Art Gallery this weekend.

Ideas and designs for Andrew’s ceramic work come from various sources including nature, machinery and engineering, architecture, and archaeology. Andrew was inspired to take up ceramics whilst researching a book on Isle of Wight pottery.

Andrew says:

“Pottery has been made on the Island since Neolithic times. Learning about pottery and its history, and actually working through the different stages of each making process, has made me appreciate this ancient art”.

The Summer Show exhibition is being held between 10:00-17:00 until Tuesday 11th July. Each day Andrew will be in attendance.

Admission is free to the exhibition, the Abbey and grounds at Quarr Hill, Fishbourne.

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