UPDATED: Armed Police have been deployed to the Co-Operative car park in Ryde this morning (Friday).

Multiple Police units are in attendance at the scene surrounding a property backing onto Cross Street.

2 armed officers have smashed down a rear garden gate and 2 persons – a male and female – have run to safety.

UPDATE @ 11:45 – 1 male – thought to be in his late teens or early 20s – has been arrested detained and taken into custody this morning. It comes after Armed officers stormed the residential property at the centre of the alert at just before 10:45.

It remains unclear as to what sparked the Armed response at just before 10:30.

Police have now stood down from the incident.

UPDATE @ 12:10 – Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that officers were deployed at 10:13 following concerns for the welfare of a man.

The unidentified individual has been detained under the Mental Health Act.

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